Where is it?

The conference venue is located on a hill with a great view over Munich.
We do have direct access to an important piece of Bavarian culture, a
“beer garden”.

The address is:

Hochstr. 77

81541 München

Show me theree map!

On google maps:

So, how do I get there?

The venue is accessible by public transport and a little walk though a

From airport

  1. Take S1 or S8 from the airport.
  2. Exit at Central Station
  3. Take U1, U2, U7 or U8
  4. Continue with the “How to get there” for U-Bahn.


  1. Use U1, U2, U7 or U8
  2. Exit at station “Kolumbusplatz”.
  3. Exit the station at “Exit G”.
  4. Walk up hill and have 7 min of fresh air - you properly may use the map.