LeSS Conference Munich, 12~13 September 2019

We’re super excited about this forth LeSS Conference!

It is right before the Octoberfest in Munich and the LeSS Conference is going to be a great … Things that were in the previous conference and you can probably expect from this time:

  • Five session tracks:
    • Experience - Experience reports by people in LeSS adoptions
    • Experiments - Practices to improve your LeSS adoption
    • Games - Games to learn about LeSS
    • Training Snippets - Snippets of LeSS Training and reflection on them
    • Open Space
  • The 4th iteration of the team-based conference.
  • Mingle with the LeSS creators, trainers and practitioners

Hope to see you there!


General ticket price - €800
Discounted price for Certified LeSS Practitioners - €700 (You need to login)



Hochstr. 77

81541 München