Standing on the Shoulders of Giants - LeSS driven change in an organization that didn't think it needed it

Discovery of great people and LeSS at UBS

At the 2018 NYC conference I talked about all of the LeSS (Huge) transformations I have led in large financial institutions, my personal journey and how that led to the discovery of LeSS. This year I am going to focus on just one, UBS. I’ll set the context; conditions, what we were trying to achieve, the culture and the situation.  Our discovery of LeSS and how we put it in place. But, my real focus will be on what made it so successful and incredible at the same time - the people. It took me many years and much introspection to realize what really happened. I got to stand on the shoulders of giants, the people who were with me the team that formed around building a great solution, in a completely different way from the accepted “normal”.

Summit, New Jersey, United States