LeSS Conferences: A Gathering of Agile Minds

Join the Community at our LeSS Conferences

Since 2016, the LeSS Conference has been a pivotal event for practitioners to share and gain insights into the Large-Scale Scrum framework. These conferences are not just events, but a convergence of minds eager to discuss, learn, and experiment with LeSS.

Recent LeSS Conferences

Reflect on our most recent gatherings, where seasoned practitioners and newcomers alike have shared their journeys, challenges, and successes with LeSS.

Upcoming LeSS Conferences

Looking forward to deepening your understanding of LeSS and connecting with the community? Check out the upcoming LeSS Conferences that are currently in the planning stages.

A Look Back at Previous Conferences

Dive into our rich history of past LeSS Conferences, each a unique experience filled with learning and growth opportunities.

Connect, Learn, and Grow with LeSS

The LeSS Conferences are more than just events – they are a journey of continuous learning and connection. Join us at our next conference to be a part of this vibrant and evolving agile community.

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